Saturday, 8 March 2008

What a start to the day!

Today started early, when my OH decided he could not wait to assmble the new lawn mower he bought for his dad, so got up early and in wrestling the large box out of the front door, accidentally lent on the doorbell, whereupon the dog shot through the house barking loudly!!! Yes, I think we're all awake now!!! No lie in even on a Saturday!!!! As if things could not get any worse it did. How can you possibly start your day in a positive frame of mind when your husband hands you the post at breakfast to find it's a 'Fifty Plus' clothing catalogue personally addressed to you when you are only mid forties!!!!!! I am speechless!!! Quote - Let your beauty blossom this spring Caroline in sizes 12 - 34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I feel a letter of complaint coming on!!!!!!! Hope you all have a good day!

P.S. Some kind person suggest I view what I have to look forward to in the future. Don't set me off! Full range of sensible shoes of the 'Van-Dal' type that my MIL was so fond - bless her, Firming corsetry in any possible size to scaffold any drooping part known to me! Court shoe with a one inch heel?????????????? Jersey tops, jersey, skirts, jersey trousers, jersey 'leisure' wear - all with elasticated waists!
'Sandalised shoes'??????????
Oh I missed jersey culottes!!! Flared skirts and fleeces in 46 different colours! Oh what joy!!! At least it has made me laugh!!! So much to look forward to! If you see me wearing 'Sanadalised shoes' on any LO in the future, please let me know!!!

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Apparently an old fogey... said...

At least you didn't receive the brochure I got a while back from Cooperative Funeral Service suggesting that I should now be thinking of arranging and pre-paying my funeral. I wasn't even 40 years of age at the time. I was most offended!