Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Canny (short for Caroline!) , who lived with her mum and dad and big sister and her lovely little black and white dog!!!!!! She was full of ideas and excitement for life and full of fun and laughter!!!! She was always full of mischief and loved to make people laugh!

There's something about me,
That's hidden in there,
Creativeness, laughter,
A person with flair!
With an artistic nature,
A character true,
Loyalty, friendship,
Would help anyone, too!
What happened to her?
Where's the laughter all gone?
The joking and fun?
From the heart-
Where's the song???
I've altered so much
and devoted my life,
To being the best possible
mother and wife.
But these last six weeks,
I've been reborn again!
The spark in the eye!
There's no need to refrain-
From being creative!
Just let yourself go!
Don't be afraid,
Let your spirit show!!!
Just 'cause you're busy,
No time to spare,
Don't let this stifle,
Your creative flair!
You've encouraged your son,
To let his talent's grow!
You've let him blossom,
HIS uniqueness show!
He's got that same spark,
That glint in the eye,
That you had when young,
So, don't even ask why?
It's important to keep it,
Whatever your age!
At 40 or 14, just look at this page!
Hold on to your spirit!
Let creativity flow!
It reflects who you are,


Anonymous said...

Hi CC, sweet poem. How are you getting on with the Shimelle class on UKS?? I have finished making an d decorating my album. Quite pleased with it. Jackie(worcs):-)

Foxcraft said...

Lovely poem hun, could be about me as well! Maybe it's a name thing!

xxxx Caz