Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's a mystery!!!!!

Last night I actually scrapped!!!! I played in the craft room, but I can't show you yet because I was using this!!!! The mystery kit from the Uks Cybercrop. As I understand it, you send off for the kit and are given a brief to design without using anything other than what is inside the pizza box that arrives (apart from basic tools that is!) As I am in the Musical Melodies team, I have to design something with a musical theme! It is quite a challenge actually, as the colours are not something I would normally use!! Anyway, I have given it a go and it's coming on nicely! Thank goodness for having a son who dances is all I will say at the moment!! So, whatch this space! It is difficult to check and double check what you can use too! You can use tools but not the things that the tool requires!!! For example the cropadile is the tool but you cant use eyelets because they weren't in the kit! Could be interesting when we open the galleries and finally get to see everyones creations! What will each of us have done with the same materials!!! It's all part of the fun! TFLx Off to visit mum!

P.S. All my weekly challenges are out of the window at the moment!!! Will resume shortly as time becomes available! Have noticed my stress levels soaring!!!!!

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