Monday, 14 April 2008

Nappy cakes!

I have been looking at making one of these, after seeing one on the do crafts forum, I think it is brilliant! there is one on the do crafts forum members gallery and some on the UKs gallery. I decided to images of Nappy cakes (or daiper cakes as the Americans call them) and got some great photo ideas. Then I found a link to the this video clip, 'Daiper Cake / Nappy Cake Tutorial (from start to finish)' - from You tube, where a lady from New Zealand, Megan Mills, tells you exactly howw to make them! She explains it really simply and slowly and it looks fab! She even gives you the link to her blog where you can download the instructions and print off a list of items you can use!! I just love the sock roses and how she holds it all together with Nappy pins! I just wish I knew someone who was having a baby and I could have a go!!! Have asked today if I can make one for someone who is leaving work to have a baby, if we can buy some things to make one I would gladly have a try! Will let you know when I do it! In the meantime, watch this You Tube video - link in top right hand corner and have a go!!!
There are several other clips on You Tube but I thought this one explained it the best! There is another clip here that uses a slightly different method that has baby bottles in the centre to hold the layers together! Some are made without gifts, just nappies, on a cake board, for table centres for a baby shower! More popular in this country now!!! You need about 50 newborn nappies to make one and one lady suggests you make it with a slighly bigger nappy in case the mother to be wants to keep it intact for a while for display! That way the nappies will still be useful! Leave me a comment if you have a go before me and I will check yours out!!!!
Mum is still poorly, so sorry for missing the odd posting and the lack of craft inspiration round here!TFLx

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