Friday, 18 April 2008

Old habits die hard!!!!

Ok! I admit it I am a stashaholic!!!!!!! I have realised in the run up to the cybercrop, I keep buying odds and bits and essentials like glue and tape and suddenly!!!!!!!You have a pile of stash like this in your basket!!!!! Essentials like pencils (that seem to get eaten around here!) Glue sticks, double sided tape, adhesive gems, large mouthed clothes pegs (to hold things together whilst they dry) etc, etc, etc!!! Luggage labels I keep buying when I see different colours! I was taken with this bingo clipboard for altering too, great value at 99p! Great for lists! A white Signo pen and a cheap date stamp, jumbo brads, a paper pricking tool and more green buttons. 3 pieces of Bazzill bling two sheets of basic grey and two sheets of co-ordinating vellum! All small things, not much money, but soon add up! I just get enthralled with the choosing, wandering around the shop for ages! Also had a delivery today of a Making Memories Calendar kit, for a 12 month class I have signed up to over on UKs - to photograph on the 25th of each month and journal about it!

Unlike Nigella, I prefer to stash stroke, rather than stroking the pantry shelves!

Just been mapping out a timetable for next weekend's cybercrop, trying to fit in all the classes I want to do!! Not sure how I am going to manage it all! Have told the family to act as if I have gone away for the weekend!!!!! Need to complete that pre-crop task of creating a door hanger "Do not Disturb!" Going to get some well earned me time!!!!! TFLx

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Anonymous said...

I am gonna have a go at the Shimelle class on monday too, but using my own stash as I wasnt quick enough off the mark to order the kit! I might have to check how big the Krispies box is to use for the covers, he he.Jackie(worcs)