Monday, 28 April 2008

A Selection of goodies I made this weekend at the cybercrop!!!

The Cybercrop!
It's four o'clock, it's over, done,
I haven't got to bed till one!
Since friday evening! 'Look at my face!'
I've been crafting in cyberspace!
I've met great friends, we've had good fun,
I've done each class, well, all but one!
There's been no meals within this house,
I left it all up to my spouse!
I've tackled classes, dawn 'til dusk
and challenges? They were a must!
I glued and stamped and cut some more!
I've even glued things to the floor!
And even then, was not content-
Melted my stamp! Set like cement-
upon my iron! For me to clean!
The things I did, just for my team!!!
I printed, sewed and sliced some more!
You ought to see the scrap room floor!
To be precise, there is no space!
This whole weekend was quite a pace!!
I've led the cheers for my whole team,
With an animated, teddy theme!
I hope it helped you do your best!
(They were only meant in jest!)
I have enjoyed the whole event,
And consider it all, time well spent!
The boys have managed all alone!
And I still have a complete home!!!!!
So, just because I was not there,
They CAN cope you see! It is quite fair-
to take time off, from time to time!
So this weekend, It has been MINE!!!!!!

By the way I did get up early this morning to get my Studio Calico add ons for this month! I ordered extra paper too as not much left now I've made this lot! Some fab colours this next month to look forward to! TFLx

P.S. I have been tagged!!! (Twice!)So need to tell you 7 random facts next time! I also won a craft award for sharing craft knowledge on this blog, but have not done anything about that yet either!! It's just time I'm short of, but thanks to those who nominated me!!

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Joanne said...

Goodness you were busy during the cyber crop! Cant believe how much you have got done this weekend, wish I had been able to do as much, still 280 points that I got for our team MM is better than none!