Tuesday, 22 April 2008

So who clicked life onto maximum speed??????

When I was not looking??????? Seems just two minutes since we went to the theatre on Sunday night to watch DS2 in his dance show and now its Tuesday already?????!!!!!!!! The show was great and his solo went well and he enjoyed it!!! Left the theatre about 10.30, were home late and went to bed shattered! He had been rehearsing since 9.15am!!!! Up at 6.30am yesterday to go to 'Rock challenge' in Grimsby, to showcase in the first round, but have a pass through to the Premier final as they did so well last year! He got in at 11.30 last night and was absolutely shattered!!!

I had a migraine after my school staff meeting last night, so took myself off to bed and did not surface until about 9pm when I decided to get up and start bagging up my stash for the classes for the cybercrop over on UKs. I believe this will save me time on the day!!! Looking forward to having lots of crafty stuff to post next week!!!! Not long to go now!!!! have been marking assessment papers tonight so I can have the weekend free!

Decorator has been and gone, so now just got the job of cleaning up and moving everything back into the kitchen tomorrow after work! Yet again, crafting will have to wait!!! Finish work at lunchtime fortunately!!! Out for a meal tomorrow with friends for a change, so will be nice to chill!!!

Have got this photo of my Venice trip as my wallpaper at the moment on my desktop! It seems so long ago!!! Still have not scrapped a single photo of that trip! Life is overtaking me!!!

Busy with the school play and trying to meet a few pre crop challenges, but failing badly!!! Still eating chocolate to counteract my stress!!! This Gondola ride seems a world away!!! TFLx

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