Monday, 7 April 2008

Stuck on you!!!!

I volunteered to test drive this little product, a tape mouse from Design Objectives (do-crafts!) Actually I have had one or two of these little beauties before! This was the permanent tape pen and is very comfy to hold in the hand and easy to manouvre! It dispenses precut strips of double sided tape and is very accurate to position. You dont have to trim or tear it, just lift the runner to stop the tape flow. I get through a lot of adhesive, using double sided tape mostly and I often use that instead of one of these, only because they don't seem to last me very long, so I find them a little more expensive compared to the double sided tape. However, they are much easier to use than the sticky tape as you do not have to mess about, using scissors or trying to peel off any backing paper, something that could be a dexerity issue for some people! They are easy to move around curves and stick very securely. It looks great and are easy to see on a crowded work table! Something that is very important to a lot of scrappers! Would be even better if it came in a flourescent case!!! In a choice of colours!!! I found it very easy to remove from the packaging, which is great as a lot of products these days come in a moulded bubble pack that is impossible to penetrate even with special forces training!!!

Overall I found this product great to work with, but runs out quickly for me, due to the volume of adhesive I get through and therefore is an expensive option, relative to the double sided tape. If it was refillable, that might bring the cost down and make it more affordable to use all the time, as it is, I have a couple on the go for quick projects or for easy transportaion to crops.

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