Friday, 25 April 2008

Today is the day!!!!!!!

The Cybercrop has arrived! It starts at 7pm!

Don't expect any sense out of me for the rest of the weekend!!!

Here is a thank you speech I have prepared for my family as one of the pre-crop challenges!!

Thank you speech!!!!!

I'd just like to thank,
All the men in my life!
Who think I'm an excellent,
Mother and wife!
So much so, they decided,
It was about time,
To let me persue,
This old hobby of mine!
I've stopped being on call;
At the end of a phone;
Stopped preparing meals;
For one weekend alone!
They can manage without me,
It's not hard to do!
They're 45, 17,And 14 too!!!!
I'm away for the weekend,
Locked in the scrap shed!
I may just bump into,
My husband in bed!!!!
But, other than that,
just say that I'm out!
If grandma rings up,
Be sure not to shout!
I'll see you next week,
On monday that's ceratin,
As the Cybercrop will,
Have had it's final curtain!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! *bows, bows*

Also I have decided a little cheerleading ditty was required for our Musical Melodies team, so I took it upon myself to lead this little number today!

Go Musical Melodies Team go!!!!!!

MMT is the team for me!
There's nowhere else I'd rather be!
We have choccy, crisps and wine!
We'll get our classes done on time!

Go Musical Melodies Team go!!!!!!

As you can see I am on a real high today and .................DS1 has just passed his driving theory test!!!!!!!
Go him!! Go him!!!! Go him!!!!! Go him!!!!!!!

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