Wednesday, 28 May 2008

5am start!

Yes, it was that Studio Calico kit release day again and I had to set the alarm clock bright and early!!!! I still can't get over the fact that I have to be out of bed to snag an add on that I want, but sure enough, by the time I got up for breakfast, some were already sold out! I got up at 4.50am and came downstairs to order, went straight for Picket fence first - my favourite, paid and then went back for Tree house!! Was all a flutter and managed it all before the site even jammed up this time! Do find this time of day difficult! Anyway, went back to bed at 5.30am, mission accomplished and slept til 6 when we had a really loud thunder and lightning storm!!! Finally got back to sleep and woke at 8am!

Look here for a video of the Big Bite we have been waiting for this to arrive from America and finally it is here! Have not decided if I have to have one yet or not!!!!! I love my Cropadile dearly, but am not sure how often i need to set and eyelet in the centre of a 12 x 12 page!!
Went to Staples today for book rings and saw they had the really useful 12 x 12 boxes on offer in their clearance section! Hope this does not mean they will stop stocking them! The 7L 12" box comes with some smaller boxes inside that would be very useful too! They were £7.99 and not £12.99 like I have paid in the past at Hobbycraft! Not going there again! Anyway, I was very good and resisted! But, like to pass on a bargain! Hang on a minute!! Just found them here for £5.99! (But without smaller boxes included!!! (No connection!) Oh well, maybe a good job I did resist!
Been out and about today with hubby as he had a days holiday. Got our hanging baskets for the summer and even managed lunch out at the pub! They have nipped off to have a look round a gym tonight, so maybe we will be getting fit!
DS2 had his first success in the dance festival this afternoon, gaining a silver medal with his Russian Cossack dance. has gone back tonight to do his song and dance! DS1 has been to see the new Indiana Jones movie! Didn't even know Harrison Ford was the young ones cup of tea, he will always be Hans Solo to my son!!! He loved Star Wars so much when he was young! Mind you, I love Harrison Ford!!!! Lol!
Off to check out the design gallery over at Studio Calico now! (No connection, just one very satisfied customer!!)
Have won a Woodware scallop heart Supa Dupa punch today on ebay, so all in all not a bad days haul! Expecting a couple of stash deliveries too for my new projects, so looking forward to those pizza boxes!!!! TFLx


Anonymous said...

I see you didnt own up to the 'berry' add-on that you then put back..he he! I received my big bite yesterday CC, had a tiny play - I like it! cuttingedgecrafts have it for £24.49 & free p&p!
Sue x
AKA sue-bubbles

cannycrafter said...

Sue! You didn't have to tell everyone!!! Don't forget my family can read this!!!!! I don't want them to know everything!!!!! Lol!!!!
Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Oooops...sorry! Will 'file' that for future reference! But you did put it back CC...which shows incredible self-control!
Sue x