Thursday, 15 May 2008

Humber Bridge

Happy birthday! Another year nearer those 'Sanadalised shoes' as a friend kindly pointed out this morning!!!! Lol!
Nothing you can do about it, but enjoy! Had lots of lovely cards this morning - mostly with shoes and handbags on the front! I can't possibly think why??????!!!!!!! Got some pressies from family including cash to go and buy new storage and a new craft desk from Ikea - hoping to go at the weekend!

Like this picture taken at hubbys leaving do last thursday! Can't get rid of the red eye though without turning his whole eyelid black! Looked like he had been in a fight!

Yesterday I had to bake a cake and take it to work for the staff to share (and healthy option fruit of course for those on a diet!) Thought you might like a slice!

I had a lovely card made by my DS2 using my stash of course!!!

Hoping to have my parents over for tea! The sun is shining, so off out with Barney for a walk, whilst DS1 finally raises his head out of bed, then we can get on with Maths revision for his General Studies AS paper this afternoon! That's the thing about Dyspraxia, he might have a C grade at GCSE in maths from last year, but all that info has now gone! Again! We need to rebuild! Have been working on it!

Thought I would share this photo I snapped on the way to OH leaving do last week! Welcome to East Yorkshire! I love the Humber bridge and its gracefulness! Have some other snaps of it too, that day the sun was hazy and behind it, I thought it looked beautiful! Hull gets a bad name but this is Hull! I think there are a lot of a of plus points for this part of the world!


Close To Home said...

Beautiful photos! Your children make you cards! WOW! I hope I can be sooo lucky! said...

That is one BIG bridge! I'm actually afraid of bridges - not sure I could cross that one...

erin m said...

Hope you had a happy day!
Erin from SC

Kimber-Leigh said...

mmmm...the cake looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

A truly yummy cake and a delightful card by your darling Son!

Many happy returns CC!

Sue-bubbles x

mom2ee said...

hope you had a wonderful day. send me your snail mail and i'll forward the card posted in the SC gallery