Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I am getting bogged down!!!!

With marking!!! I hate this time of year! We move from one test to another and there is loads to mark and it's getting in the way of crafting!!!!!!! How dare it!!!! I have things to do!!!!! It's a busy time of the year too, beacuse DS1 is on with AS levels and DS2 is building up to the Hull dance festival in half term next week and will be dancing most days!!! Won one class this time last year for his song and dance, but then went on to win five cups in the October festival, so he has a bit to do next week if he wants to keep it up!!! My display cabinet will be groaning under the weight of cups!!! Anyway, that's all to come next week, along with a scheduled trip to Ikea for my birthday present - new craft desk!!!! Although - I have to say I was contemplating a Big Shot (Just missed out on one on e-bay, but love the fabby pink and black colour combo!!!) and Then a Bind It All, (Demo here)so I will have to make my mind up soon!

Saw this recipe journal in the Works last week (£4.99), my old recipe book is falling apart, so I thought I would get a new one and try to transfer all my faves!!!! I would not throw the old one away though, as it has my sons frist writing in it!!!! A bit of a tradition in our family! My mums recipe book has all my sisters first scribblings in which are 40 odd years old so I will keep my DS1 scribblings for posterity too!

I digress, as usual, it's like one of those Ronnie Corbett sketches!!!! Back to the recipe journal, It has a spiral binding which is covered in a duck egg blue bookbinding tape, and a lovely cover, which, at first I was going to alter, but now I am not so sure!!! I must admit, to start with, I thought there was a recipe pocket at the start of each section which was useful, as for some reason, I use my recipe book to store all my old well loved postcards from family members in the past!!! I use them as bookmarks and like to look at them from time to time as some of these members are no longer with us! Anyway, there isn't, so I will have to make each divider contain a little pocket! Not difficult!!!

However (I told you it was one of those Ronnie Corbett sketches!!) I saw this book on Amazon and it gave me an idea, How about I go back and buy another journal and alter it to one of these?????!!!!! They do a baby album version in the same series apparently, so either would do if I am going to alter it!!!! (Don't panic!! We've finished with babies in this house!!!!!)
This one has a 'kraft' type cover and the index tabs are labelled with days of the week, you could do it to whatever you like!!!! I thought about keeping an ideas book!!! When it was the Cybercrop, I made this mini album to keep by the bed, as I seem to wake up with lots of craft related ideas!!! But, it is not big enough!!
Anyway, sorry for the rambling post!!! TFLx

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