Saturday, 17 May 2008

I'm very "Fawned" of this Sassafras!

Here it is! The piece of "Fawned of you" paper from Sassafras, that I thought I would never use when it turned up in my kit last month! I decided it would enhance this wooden wine box hubby got for Christmas a few years ago and I had refused to throw away! I cut off the shaped edge to use later, then cut a strip the depth of the box, except where the fawn was, I cut around it's head, to sit proud of the box edge and reinforced the back with card. I then printed the Sassafras logo off the internet to highlight the box and added the shaped trim to cover the seams where the paper was not quite wide enough!!! This box has always been used for craft storage, starting off with my stamps in it until I had too many, then I stored my punches in it and then I realised it was a perfect size for 'Thickers' and rub ons etc! So I arranged them neatly in each of the two divided sections. This sits on my windowsill directly infont of my desk and I can reach whatever I need! On the cybercrop weekend, when I was trying to work fast on several pages, I realised I could do with some sort of dividers in it, so I made some, by recycling the packaging from several Basic Grey pieces of stash! The chipboard and Rub ons have this fab floral pattern on the back on the packaging! Also the 'Say it with gems' have this gorgeous polka dot packaging! This made me think, now I had dividers, I needed to label them, so I cut the top off empty packs of each item and stapled them to the decorative card dividers for a rustic look! It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it and have recycled!!!! So, as you can see, I dont have too many cardstock stickers, journalling cards, Alphabets or rub ons! I think I need more!!! Lol! If I get bored with this paper, I can change it! Decided to glue it on with double sided and not PVA so I can change it if I want to! Let me know what you think! TFLx


rmeyfe said...

That is so cute!!

Casey said...

I love it!

karen akaliz said...

this makes a great 'ew to new' project! (i do those on my blog)

love it!!! and congrats on using the scary paper!

Anonymous said...

I am drooling over your collection of stash there CC...and stored so beautifully too!

Sue x
AKA sue-bubbles