Friday, 16 May 2008

Late post!

Wow! I've had a productive day today! It has been one of those days when I kept moving from one job to another, which sparked another, which led to another!!!! I walked the dog; did two loads of washing; dismantled the lock on the back door; that refused to work anymore, went to the DIY shop and bought a new one - took the old one with me to match for size!) fitted it; cleaned out the goldfish; did my online food shop; ironed last weeks ironing! unpicked the zip on my DS1's motorcycle jacket and fitted a new one - thank goodness for the leather needle on my sewing machine!!! Cooked the tea and then spent birthday money time and time again in cybershops!!!! (Not actually spent yet, just virtually spent!) So, hence the late posting on here!

Just been playing in the scrap room!
Years ago when I first got into card making, I bought this caddy of shapes, after searching for it for ages and decided it was something I must have - I love the vintage look. Anyway, how much have I used???? Absolutely nothing!!!! It is still sat there, full! An expensive mistake!!! (Now being sold off everywhere for about a fiver!!!)So I sorted it out to sell. But then never got on with it!

Last night however, I was surfing the net and decided I might like to buy some scallop punches, I filled my cyberbasket with 6!!!!! Nearly £50 later I decided NO! Then I remembered this caddy had some pre-cut shapes in it and why did I need punches when I could use these!! So, tonight I decided to make something from this!!

Two strips and four scallop squares about an inch and a half wide!

This is what I came up with - A little treasure and with the addition of a few embellishments, I think it is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Also finally used my sheet of 'Fawned of you' Sassafrass paper that I got in my Studio Calico kit!
Watch out tomorrow and I will share my altered offering with you! having started out hating this paper, I have decided I think it's cute and it is to feature in my scrap room re-modelling!!!
(Never got to the Range today! Still no birthday money spent! Have been tempted by a Big Shot on Create and Craft weekend with free p&p, but put off by people saying poor customer service!!) How many times have I virtually spent this money! Decided to postpone the Ikea trip until Spring Bank Holiday! Not going to rush it!


Anonymous said...

The mini book is v cute. I have the paper caddy too.Havent used more than half a dozen bits from it. Must dig it back out and have another look at it. Thanks for the inspiration, Jackie(worcs) :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW - this is SO cool CC - I have those caddies too - bought years ago (for about a fiver Im glad to say), and never used! Looks like Jackie & I will now be busy!

Sue x
AKA sue-bubbles