Saturday, 3 May 2008

National Scrapbook Day!

Today is the day! So, grab those photo's and scrap! All you need to do is arrange a favourite photo on a nice background paper and write something about it and you have started! We all have favourite photo's that we have hidden away and want to keep, to remember special occasions, so why not start here! If you are going to keep things a long, long time it important to use acid and lignin free glue and paper, as these make your photo's deteriorate. But, if you have a scanner, I prefer to use a copy of the original photo anyway, so if anything goes wrong, you have still got your original. Often when I am scrapbooking, it is a present and I don't want to give away my original photo's, just a copy, so we can share that memory. When I first started and made albums for my nieces, I used originals and now I have photo albums with big gaps in!!!

Any notebook can be used to start with. When I was a child I used to cut out my favourite pictures and tickets and postcards and glue them in a book of coloured pages, this is a great source of fun to look back on. When DS1 was young, he lived and breathed 'Thomas The Tank Engine', so we created a scrapbook for him. It is in the loft. I can't wait for later this year when we get the box out and look at what we did then! He will be amazed! So, do something today! make a start on those memories!
I started yesterday with this page about my grandad. The challenge was to scrap a heritage photo in a modern style. I found this old photo of him, all screwed up, faded and torn. I scanned it into my PC and tried to use the digital software to remove some of the creases and tears and enhance the image. I then started thinking; I never knew this man, he died before my parents met, What exactly do I know about him? Who does know anything about him? Where is anything written down?
The answers were surprising, I did not know his full name, I did not know his birth or death year, I did not know why he was photographed here in Malta in 1917! Who does know? Only my mother! She is the only surviving child and has these details in her head! She recently had a heart attack so this made me think! Do I know all I want to know about my family history before it's too late? Mum rang today with lots of details from her dad's discharge papers from the army, so now I know! Make this the day you do something about your family treasures!

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