Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Phew! The football's over!

For a couple of days at least until the play off finals this weekend, when I will have to watch Hull City and Leeds United!!! That's what happens when you live in a male dominated household! Actually, have just got back from a girly meal at the local pub to celebrate my birthday, again!!! I have Googled the Fiskars punch I was talking about yesterday, as someone e-mailed me and asked me what i was talking about!!! I can't wait until they get over here! Wish I knew someone who was going on holiday to USA!!! They get all the good stuff and very reasonably priced too! I keep hearing people talking about Pottery Barn and Target and Wall Mart and thinking, why wasn't I into scrapbooking when we went to Florida in 2005!!!! Lol! Good job I wasn't actually, as we would never have got to Disney!!!! Anyway, I hope to go go back sometime and craft shopping will be a priority next time.

We are coming up to half term now, I finished work today and am looking forward to a break, although as usual I have a list of school work as long as my arm!!!!

Another thing to look out for are new colours in Glitter Thickers from American Crafts and this yummy ribbon New for winter '08 can't wait!!!
Must try and get creative again!!!

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Debsg said...

I neeeeeed that now! Walmart is great for crafts and so cheap. Deb x