Thursday, 29 May 2008


I love these ! Aren't they cute? If you have the new Scrapbook Inspirations magazine, just look at the back cover!!! The doctors bag and pink and black big shot are just my thing!!! Will have to start saving!
Is it storage or is it fashion???? I love these bags too!!! I don't even go to crop, but if I did i would have to have one of these!!!
No pizza boxes today :( was expecting at least one!!!! Sneaked a Bind It All machine last night! Can't wait for that to arrive and have a play with it! Feeling very frustrated, that since I got my new desk i have not had time to use it! Spent today doing more marking and then entering up results on spreadsheets until my eyes went fuzzy! Who says teachers have all these holidays!!! My parents came for tea tonight and DS2 won another silver medal today in his tap duet and got Honours in his tap solo! Not bad going as he has moved up a section for this festival! He even managed to squeeze in a Rock challenge rehearsal between his classes, so has been out all day!
DS1 has managed a couple of errands in the car for a bit more driving, just trying to do a little everyday, I must say he has improved greatly! Off to get my hair done tomorrow, then hope to get my reports written!!!!! Still no time to scrap! Never mind! TFLx
P.S. I'm in Scrapbook Inspirations magazine this month! On the letters page, clutching my mag in Venice!!!!

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