Monday, 26 May 2008

Today we did Ikea!!

Well, today was the day! We set off at 8.30am to get to Ikea in Leeds about an hour away, to beat the bank holiday rush! I had a major furniture remove yesterday, moving a cabinet to the cupboard under the stairs, so I could relocate a chest of drawers into my scrap room wardrobe, so that I could remove a bookcase to put where the cabinet was originally!!! Do you get that??? So that meant a three way shift and tidy, resulting in several trips to the tip and packaging things up for the loft and charity! Jonni realised we had to go to Ikea today, as he was in the dance festival the rest of the week! He is having a new desk for his birthday in a couple of weeks time, as he starts his GCSE courses in September, so decided to have a bigger work area and re-organise his drawers in the wardrobe! We had researched our respective desk purchases online, but are always afraid that they will be out of stock by the time we get there! Anyway, it was our day! They were all in stock, as we both changed our minds when we got there!!!! Lol! Jonni chose this one, and I got this one! We also got new desk lights and few other bits and pieces as you always do at IKEA! Lots of paper napkins and bulbs and batteries and Yorkshire pudding tins and.........etc....etc. Anyway, we are all poshed up now and raring to go! Two new workspaces in one day! No problem for the new SAAB estate!!!! Fitted in easily! Only one problem! You should see the dining room floor! Tomorrow is charity shop and the tip again!!!!!! TFLx


ahardy said...

what a GREAT Scrap Space!
IKEA is *the best*

Denise said...

Awesome new scrap desk. Love your choice. It will give you plenty of room to work! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and neat workspace you have there!

Sue x