Thursday, 26 June 2008

Altered items

Morning all! or is it afternoon! Had a rubbish night, sneezing and coughing, so gave up at 2.30 am and got up to try and find "Covonia" cough mixture (in the dark!!! quite tricky!!! was worried what I was swigging out of the bottle, could have been anything!) Anyway got up at 6.30am to take more Mucron and feeling a little more human now!

Put on some washing and then just got it pegged out on the line and the heavens opened!!! So I left it there! The sun is coming out now, so hopefully it will dry - eventually!

Been busy this morning altering a couple of items. One is a wooden pen pot that I have covered in my usual vintage scraps of paper mixed with modern papers and the other is a clock canvas. I have had the little 8x8 canvas a while and when I saw the mini vintage style clock the other day in a shop, it just clicked and I took a chance and had a go! The papers are old receipts and maps and advertisements and recipes etc and there is even an old stamp or two on there too! To add texture, I added a little of my vintage cotton lace and some buttons. My last playing card from my original 'change for a shilling' card game is on here too! I love the way the wooden pot has a plastic liner, so if any pens leak, it wont get ruined. I have coated both projects with a coat of PVA and water to seal them, afetr they were completed. See what you think! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Love your vintage pen pot. The measuring tape ribbon looks very sweet.Jackie(worcs):-)

Close To Home said...

Beautiful artwork. You can tell you really have fun with it!

Francine said...

Beautiful items!!!