Friday, 20 June 2008

Apple Pie order????

Are you in apple pie order???? Well this little baby might just help you!!!! I don't know where this phrase comes from, will have to look it up, but this is the title of my latest project, using my new Studio Calico (no connection) kit from June! I have lost my scrapping mojo at the moment and am preferring to concentrate on my mini books, but love the idea still, of combining new with old! I found this retro fabric from a store on ebay and used it to cover my BIA chipboard covers. It combines beautifully with the 'Apple Orchard' kit I got this month, so made this little book that has a million uses!!!! I combined it with some pages from a 1940's cook book, recipes like 'Marrow and Apple Pie' and 'Economical Farmhouse currant cake' and 'Yorkshire Old Wives Sod!' I love reading these old recipes, although I have deliberately mixed them up in this book and not always put the whole recipe in. It is just for amusement really, not to cook from! But you could if you wanted to!!!!! Apple and grapefruit marmalade sounds delicious!!!! I didn't want to get too precious about the pages as I wanted people to feel they could stick things into these mini books! 'Steamed chocolate cake without eggs!' is another that sounds interesting!
Getting the hang of my BIA machine now, altough still have problems sometimes lining up the punched holes!!! Have thrown a few pages in the scrap bin!!! The vinyl poolside thickers are stuck on with glossy accents, as they have a habit of falling off otherwise!! The ribbons are from a Brenda Pinnick kit. I love these October afternoon papers and rubber charms, they give it a naive feel which I love! Patterned Papers:Dirt Roads (October Afternoon)Fruit Stand (October Afternoon)Picnic Basket (October Afternoon)Walk in the Park (October Afternoon).

Treasure!!!! Here are some of my ebay finds!!! I promised to show you these yesterday! 39 assorted cards, from the 30s to the 50s. have been sorting these to get some ideas and see what I can use them. I also bought a french embroidery booklet from the old bookshop in town. It is dated 1955 and will be great to use on cards. Lots of brightly coloured cross stitch patterns. The third thing I got yesterday were my 10 vintage french sewing magazines. This one dates from 1919. I really enjoyed sitting down with these last night, I made a cup of coffee and just sat and read them! In french of course!!! Having revitalised my french last year, whilst tutoring my son for his GCSE, it was not too difficile!! (My sister and my dad are both french teachers and I did do A-level, so I should be able to grasp most of it!!!) It made me giggle yesterday when i received two embroidered french cards I bought on ebay, as one was listed as an anniversary card and of course anniversaire is french for birthday!!!!!) That reminds me, forgot to photo those!!! It's all go! Lovin' my craft at the moment, just not enough time to do it!! Off to play! have a good day!!! TFLx


Anonymous said...

I adore your 'apple pie' book - what fab fabric to go with the kit embellies - a great find!
Sue x

Kristii Lockart said...

Love, love, love your apple pie book!! Fantastic!