Wednesday, 4 June 2008


This is the Wisteria at my parents house and it's almost over, but I could not resist getting this snapshot of it at the weekend!

I have always wanted one, but have never got around to planting one as I have moved around a few times! Ironically, this is the first house I could have planted one, as we have lived here the longest!!

Yesterday was the wettest day ever!!! It brought back memories of all those floods last June, fortunately, it did not happen again! Today has been fantastic, the car said it was 24 degrees when I left work at lunchtime! Having paddled through puddles in my sandals yesterday, I have boiled in my shoes today!!! The british weather hey!!!

Several parcels arrived today! Just some of the old books I bid for on ebay! I am into reading my vintage cook books at the moment! One book was a Mrs Beeton's cookery book from 1911! 99p plus postage of course!

My two square punches from Crafters cove came today too! Right size this time, so I can now get on with my 'Shimelle' layout for May.

Made a momentous decision today to reduce my working hours, so I have a better work life balance! I was feeling traumatised by the decision earlier today- hate making big decisions, but now I have done it I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After the year I have had, I have the support of my family to make a new start and release more of my creative side! I have a few ideas in the pipeline! Having spent half term marking and report writing and planning, I have realised teaching can take over your life! TFLx

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