Saturday, 14 June 2008

Happy Mail!!

Yesterday was DS2's 14th birthday!! He had a great day, as he was chosen to go around all the feeder primary schools with the Rock Challenge trophy, to tell them about his experience. Better than doing lessons all day!!! We went out for tea last night to the local pub, then cam ehome for birthday cake! Had a problem with my cake icing earlier in the day, made it too runny, so was having difficulty keeping it in the cake!!!! Had to send DS1 out to the supermarket to get more icing sugar to thicken it, either that or put it in the freezer to keep it in!!!!!! Lol! Anyway, got it sorted eventually, then struggled to find 14 candles - could only find 13! Then could not find any matches!!!! What a palava!!!!!
I was not feeling well yesterday, woke up to find I was choking! The thingy that hangs down in the back of your throat (technical term!!!!) had all swollen up and was just about blocking my throat!!! Quick trip to the doctors and £23 later at the pharmacy and I was about sorted!!!! Keep taking the tablets! Felt really rough all day and was trying to keep going for his sake, gave up and went to bed with a temperature at 10pm!
Anyway, it was also our old babysitters 83rd birthday, so popped round to see her with a card and a hanging basket. Bought a hanging basket too for dad for fathers day tomorrow!!!
Won another set of vintage cards on ebay, that arrived yesterday and some old magazines and my Studio Calico kit arrived!!! Happy Mail!Got two add-ons as well as the main kit, so I am 'well chuffed' as my kids would say!!! The main kit is top right, one add on is at the bottom and the other on the left! Lovin' it all as usual ladies!!! Such a variety of things! Last night was sneak peek night for next months kit, so off over there shortly to check it out!!
Must get my Shimmelle project printed up and then scrapped as I will be approaching the 25th again before I have done last months! So much to do and so little time! So many ideas wizzing round my head! Off to craft! ( and cook as I have a bbq for Jonni's friends, and tomorrow, a big lunch for the family to prepare for!!!!)TFLx


Anonymous said...

I do hope you are all better now CC! I am green with envy at seeing all your Studio Calico goodies...Im sulking as I wait for mine..he he!
Sue x

Sharie said...

Have a wonderful time playing with your SC kits - they are so much fun! Success on your Etsy shop, too - lovely goodies there. Have a good week!