Monday, 16 June 2008

I had the dreaded Lurgy!

I have been poorly for a few days, didn't you notice how quiet it was???? I lost my voice. The swollen 'uvula' in the back of my throat caused me no end of trouble! (please note the proper technical term rather than hanging down thingy in your throat, like I called it last week!!!) I have officially got uvulitis! Been interesting today trying to teach with no voice! I should not have gone really but you tend to think you are indispensible and when you only work part time you feel even more guilty being off!!! Anyway, got through today and a staff meeting so the worst should be over for the week now!
Well what news????? I have opened my shop!!!! Yes, can you believe it! Not a real shop, but a cyber shop over on Etsy, called 'Vintage Advantage' and even more big news - I made my first SALE!!!!!!! I was so excited, I could have screamed - if I had any voice!!! It has been such hard work getting it off the ground, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained!! I am so pleased with myself that I actually did what I said I was going to do! I often have ideas and they don't get any further! Just planning the name and the logo and the headings and then making stock and collecting vintage things, it has been a lot of hard work and probably explains why I have been distinctly lacking in my presence on the craft forums! Many thanks to those few I did tell who gave me support to continue and I hope to continue to increase my stock levels! Keep your fingers crossed! Recognise these? TFLx

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first sale Caroline!!!
Sue x