Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I love Bernina!

Got way laid again recently by life and boring other stuff. Was going to post last night but persuaded DS2 to go out on a bike ride as he has a week off dancing, and it resulted in a major fall, which resulted in him needing a combination of nine plasters and bandages!!!! It took an hour and a half to clean him up and a trip to the doctors tonight, resulting in a shipping order from the chemist!!! All because mum said 'get outside and enjoy this lovely weather!!!' Shan't do that again in a hurry! It's dangerous! Their school won the premiership final of Rock challenge and he has been chosen as a representative for his school, supposed to be touring all the local primary schools on friday (including my primary school!) with the trophy and the DVD so he needs to be better by then! And it is his birthday on friday too! Poor lad! Got some ingenious wound dressings from the doctor tonight that look like cling film!! Trouble is the injuries are on display!! Not good if you are a bit squemish!!! Good that they stick well as these injuries are always on difficult bony bits like elbows and wrists!!! He must have bounced! How his face is unhurt I don't know! He has skid marks across his rib cage!!!

More happy mail today!! I got some more Cath Kidston fabrics off e-bay today for a few little projects I am working on. Gone off my scrapbooking a bit in favour of making little books! Can't share all yet but will soon. I have rediscovered my sewing machine!

Bought over twenty years ago, when I first got engaged, it has been in and out of vogue throughout my life! Once I depended on it for a living, I made my own wedding dress on it; I made all my own curtains on it and did loads of applique work. Recently it has been mostly used to make dance costumes and mend things and now it is busy sewing paper!!!! It did catch fire a few months ago, but I managed to get it repaired, it smelt worse than it was! The smoke was from something melting on a circuit board!!! Good old Bernina, Swiss made and built to last!! Unfortunately, cicrcuit boards are the weak link! Anyway, can't wait to get cracking with my fabric 'fat quarters' (technical term for a wide quarter of a yard that is square and half width! for those of you at work who read this and are not sewers! Ian! If you are still awake and not asleep yet!!)

Read something about the new Creativity Life magazine launch on the first of July and there is going to be a new do crafts goody box to accompany it - more details here . Will have to check this out as I am a bit of a sucker for goody bags!!! They seem like a good idea because they are always valued at more than you pay! I am liking the idea of 'core'dinations card with a coloured core and there is a set of files in this kit too which is tempting! Love the colourbox fluid chalk cats eyes too, but have just bought 25 colours with my birthday money! Check it out! See what you think! (no connection!) TFLx

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