Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Where have I been????? I knew I missed one day but did not realise I missed two!! I have been researching some craft projects on the internet and so the actual crafting has taken a back seat, also I have been purchasing some vintage items, for inspiration with my craft idea and it takes time to hunt them out and bid and keep up to date on bids!!! I have won a lot of Victorian receipts on ebay this week and they arrived this morning, so it has been really interesting looking at them all tonight and trying to make out all the copper plate handwriting!!! Each one has a penny stamp on too with the signature and a lot are pre 1900. Receipts for lagacies and stock sales and repairs to cart sheds!!! I also have bid on one or two old books and won and am expecting delivery in the next few days! Not bid much more than a pound on anything and am very interested in the slice of life they portray! They are inspiring me to new ideas and designs for things! The "Shredded Wheat facts and figures for scholars" booklet also arrived today!! Interesting reading, like the size of the empire and the population of major british cities!! Must date from the 40s as the queen was not even on the throne in the list of kings and queens!!!

I also took delivery of two more Woodware square punches from Crafters cove, (no connection)as the ones that arrived on Saturday were too small for my Shimelle album! By the time I would have paid postage to return them, I would have been out of pocket, so I just ordered the next size up!! Any excuse to increase stash!!!

Have no craft projects to photograph at the moment as not had much time to craft and must admit have lost my Mojo for scrapbooking at the moment, but have one or two fab classses to catch up on from UKs that I missed out on this weekend with my cc team, so will have to get a move on!

You will be pleased to hear that I completed my marking and my reports! Another reason why crafting has been off the menu! DS1 has completed his AS levels and is taking a well earned rest!

Spotted this new line of papers from Making Memories and really like the hint of old world feel to them!!!

Talking of old world feel, I love all the papers I got delivered on Saturday, with the washed out look, these will combine beautifully with my vintage themes I am working on. (k&co and Cosmo Cricket mostly.)

Tried out the BIA machine tonight for the first time and managed to punch holes in the front and back BIA covers - but, they didn't line up!!! Obviously have not read the instructions correctly, so need to go off and read them again!!! Anyway trimmed them and cut again and now do line up! Just need to get pages together now! if you spend time doing craft, you can't be on here and vice versa!!! I am still not into my last two monthly kits, so I must get cracking!! It's like the diet, will start tomorrow!! TFLx

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