Sunday, 29 June 2008

New from old!

I have made a range of cards from a well loved childhood annual of mine. Some of my favourite TV characters are here! The Herbs, Ivor The Engine, Hector's House, Hatty Town, memories just come flooding back!!! I have left the inside of the card blank so they can be used for different occasions or big birthdays, for big kids! The card contains the first paragraph of the story inside the lost leaf. I used American Crafts double sided card and embellished with various chipboard elements!

Had a great day yesterday and today, but very tired now!!! Back to work tomorrow, counting down the weeks until the holidays!! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Love your new cards!!! Hope you find your voice again soon!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Great childhood memory cards, I love things like this.Jackie(worc):-)