Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Playing card book

I made a little vintage playing card book with scrapbook papers interleaved, as a present for my Aunt's 80th birthday the other week. I took photo's of the celebration and this is the little gift, a handbag keepsake, mini brag book to share with her friends.

I used some vintage playing cards and I could not resist the phrase on the side of the packet "tends to sharpen mental faculties!" The cards were of old money in 'd' so I though it fitting to use this for a little handbag book.
I used a sheet of American Crafts A la carte papers to inject a bit of colour into the mini album, then trimmed each page with a flower, button or piece of decorative ribbon.
This is a photo of my gorgeous pudding!!! And this is me! at the very same function!
There is room for my aunt to write on the pages if she wants to add anything. I love these little books and I love these vintage cards!!!! I have used this one as my prototype to show people how they can decorate the empty books I am selling in my Etsy shop! I enjoyed making this and think it makes a fab gift! Watch out for more of these!!! TFLx

Pop over to Brenda Pinnicks blog and see the new kit she launched on QVC in the US yesterday? I wonder if we will get it????? Also heard a rumour that the Cropadile Big bite is arriving at QVC UK shortly!!!

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karen akaliz said...

ca-yute! love the stuff in your etsy shop.

your goodies are on their way. forgot to tell you. i'm not sure how long it will take. it wasn't too bad to ship. the worst was dealing with my youngest at the post office (he seriously needs a leash!)