Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Scrap your day!

I have been scrapping my day today! I have photographed loads!!!
Guess what? I have a cold! How can you get a cold on top of another cold???? I don't know, but I have! My nose is like a tap and I am on the Mucron again!!! My tooth broke when I was driving to the dentist this afternoon and he found another cavity too! Might just fit me in before my summer holiday!! I think today is a day to forget!!! That will be an expensive bill the day before we go away!!!

More vintage purchases! I think it's time I did more manufacturing and less shopping!!! This shop has a negative cash flow at the moment!! Not the intention at all, but I realise this is how you have to start!!! It's like Christmas everyday!! lots of post arriving! But also, spending my time parceling up things I have sold!! I have become recognised in the local post office!!! I think there are millions of people all over the country doing this too! Holding Royal Mail together!!! Recycling goods!!! Raided mums needlework drawer today for old patterns and things. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for vintageadvantage, I may get some stock made again!!! Lol!

Who is my era and remembers, Ivor the engine, Larry the lamb, Hatty town and Hectors house??? I have some vintage card ideas based on these characters, from a book I had as a child! Hoping to do something with the Monopoly cards too! Picked up some great wooden utensil pots and have coated them with gesso, so thinking a little altered art is in the offing tomorrow. Also started an altered canvas with a clock movement!!! Seem to start projects but not get them finished!!! Still need to make myself some business flyers too!

Having reminded everyone about QVC today, I forgot to watch!! TFLx

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