Sunday, 22 June 2008

'Shimelle' scrap the day album

I finally scrapped my photo's from last months 'Today's the day project' over on Shimelle's blog, just before we get to the 25th of this month!!!!! I took a few photo's and tried to stick to the LO she suggested, although I used my large Woodware punch in the end as I found my smaller one was cutting too much of the detail from my shots! I appear to have a problem with the ink on the top right hand photo - it has started to all rub off on the page???? I don't know why?? But it has left a nasty grey smudge on the paper and I wonder how to cover that up! I may also have to replace the offending photo with a new copy, although all the others seem fine. I have a couple of strategically placed embellishments to cover some smudges too!!!

Tomorrow is the start of healthy week at school, so it is a good job my voice is now hopefully on the mend!! Although, we went to a silver wedding party last night and simply talking for a few hours nearly finished me off! The weather in Bridlington, by the way, on midsummers day, was absolutely rubbish!!! A fab garden and a hog roast and we were all inside because it was raining cats and dogs!!! I had to rethink my outfit, as I thought we were all to be outside and would freeze on midsummers day!!!!!! It was a great evening catching up with people from school I had not seen for 20 odd years, quite scarry too!

Been scanning some of my vintage cards today, inbetween catching up with housework and schoolwork. The weather here has been extremely windy and I can't tell you how many power cuts we've had, needless to say the PC and Router are not happy at all!!!! Off to wrap up my latest sale item and continue scanning, lovin' every minute of this vintage stuff, just won some more auctions on ebay!!!! Bought a few items yesterday to alter too, so full of inspiration at the mo!!! TFLx

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Annelies said...

Stumbled upon your blog and happened to see your question about the ink and the grey....I've had the same problem once and it turned out my printer hadn't been on the right preferences, forgot to select photopaper. Hope this might help!