Thursday, 19 June 2008

A small travelogue

I made a small travelogue to go with my large travel journal. It is made from one paper bag folded into eight, I then trimmed the edges so the pages would open and stitched some together with my sewing machine to form pockets. I covered each page with another of my vintage nautical maps, torn into sections and inked with a chalk eye ink pad. I used my cropadile to make the holes and threaded it together with ribbon. I made a bookmark for it from a reclaimed tag, which I stuck more map paper on to, so that it co-ordinates. I used some 7 Gypsies travel stickers to a few of the page edges and one on the front cover. This would make a great journal to pop in your pocket or bag on a journey to keep all your tickets etc safe until you return home. I used a small bulldog clip to keep it together at the edges. It's for sale in my shop on Etsy, Vintageadvantage.

I included tome making memories journaling pages to keep notes of places and times and prices of things, to write up later. Hope you like it! Somebody very kindly commented on the way I stage my photo's with some of my treasures! I just like to play and it pleases me, but I am not professional at all!!!! Just use my little Sony Cybershot and still cant get my light right!

I got happy mail today, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it as i forgot to photograph it!!!! I got some French vintage sewing magazines from the same place as last week and some vintage greeting cards. Got to work out what I am going to make with them!!!! Sold a few clothes today on ebay, so at least I am getting money in as it is going out! I won a couple more auctions today so more happy mail to come!! The postman was laughing at me again today!! I have increased the weight of his mailbag single-handedly!!!! Got excited when the UPS van drew up too, but it was only cooffee pods for my Dolce-Gusto machine!!!! (Hid a delivery of American Crafts albums that came yesterday from QVC!!!! Great value! Still in stock if you're interested, sold out last time around and I missed them!!!! (No connection))

Been out and about today having a look around the charity shops for old books, not much luck. This is the first time I ventured out since my voice went, has appeared now slightly! Finally got the ironing done this afternoon and got two loads of washing dry, it was so windy!!! Got my Shimelle project mounted up yesterday, but forgot to photograph that yet!!! Had a bit of a problem with one photo, all the black ink suddenly began to rub off and smudge everywhere! had to have some subtly place embellishments! Ah well, just call it a happy accident! TFLx

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