Friday, 27 June 2008

So what does today hold?????

Off to the doctors, got no voice AGAIN!!!!!!!! Wont have any trouble getting up for the Studio Calico reveal at 5am tomorrow! I was up coughing again this morning!!! Mr 'Covonia' to the rescue again!! Apart from feeling like I have an elephant sat on my chest aswell, I'm sure I'm fine!

Could not believe the weather yesterday, the second load of washing was just hung out when the heavens opened again and that was it-full on deluge until about midnight last night!! I am applying waders as we speak to take the dog out his morning!!! It is only a year ago on the 25th we had those awful floods in Hull and some people are still living out of their homes, my hairdresser included! They must have been anxious last night! Anyway, the sun is shining (loosely) at the moment, long may it continue!!

Off to do something wonderful with a piece of Cath Kidston fabric toady if I get chance!!! Been meaning to do this for a while!!!! Intrigued??? Wait and see! Will post later if I am successful!!!

Wonder if I will get any happy mail today??? Got to go to the PO with some parcels I sold on ebay so there is money coming in too!!!! Lol!

Barney, topping up his tan!!! If ever I saw a brassed off dog, this is one!!!! Not walking far today then! Huh! (Can bearly catch my breath!) OH took him out early this morning!

Got to tackle M&S later for a touch of food shopping, as I have a voucher to spend!!! Something lucious for tea tonight!!! (Note to self - don't forget reuseable carriers!!! Not got the hang of this yet!)

Ok, back to my main task of the day. Venice? Tokyo? or Stockholm? What do you think??? Already decided on London, but which other one too????? Let me know!

By the way, these are add on kits from Did you think I had won the lottery?? Really want them all, but got to be good. Only got til 5am tomorrow to make up my mind!!!! AAAAHHHHHGGGGGG! I hate decisions!

UPDATE! Yes I do have a chest infection! More antibiotics!!!! No I did not get time to play with my Cath Kidston fabric, nor will I all weekend, as I have a very busy schedule lined up! No, I did not manage to walk the dog a second time, poor Barney! Yes I did manage to get the food shopping and Yes I did get happy mail!!!!! A 1943 'Make Do and Mend book' and a child's wooden book to alter!!! I love Ebay!!!! Yay!

Lastly I have updated my avatar over on the Studio Calico forum, ready for reveal night! It is their first birthday, so they decided we should post first birthday pics! I don't have my first birthday, but I found one of me at 4 so that will have to do! Just lovin' the handbag with the matching brolly!!!!

By the way, I still have not decided which add ons!!!!!! Help!!!


Kristii said...

Get well soon!! I wish you luck getting your add-ons!! Have a great weekend!!

Larajc said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I am hoping to go for the second addon--tokyo I think.