Friday, 6 June 2008

Talk about Things!

I had a go a selling some things on e-bay and I must admit I have not done too bad! Makes a change! I told you the other week I had gone mad bidding on things, and lots of parcels have been arriving at my door, in fact, the postman commented to my son, "What's your mum been up to???" when he delivered so many parcels each day! I got some fab vintage playing cards arrive today, they will be great for a few projects I have in mind. I also bought some brown envelopes to make an envelope album and a little A5 concertina file from Asda that will be perfect to hold all my sets of clear stamps. This was an idea I picked up from UKs forum. The sheets of clear stamps are awkward to store and I have a few sets of autumn leaves, so I will get them organised into here. I know 7Gypsies do some fab revolving holders, but they are out of my price bracket I'm afraid. Went for a walk with the dog and took lots of photo's of wild flowers this morning. Just got to find a way of downloading them off my new phone now!! Lol! That should take a while!
Some 'retro' fabric arrived yesterday, so I have been having a think what I would like to do with that. I had a play in the craft room briefly this morning, but then life has overtaken me again, washing and drying, doing the monthly shop, driving lesson, prescription to pick up, you know the kind of thing. You turn round and it's time to fetch them home from school!! DS2 has been to the hairdressers and finally got his hair cut after nearly two months! He has been too busy! We are hitting Meadowhall tomorrow to buy him clothes and trainers for his birthday next week.
Last but not least, spare a thought for another friend of mine, diagnosed with breast cancer I found out today. This person has been a friend I met through the do-crafts forum, when I was ill in November and has been a source of help and support (and laughter,) through a few of my down days. I wish her all the love, help an support I can give, though I have never met her, we met through a shared love of crafting and I hope to be of some help, if I can in the near future. Take care and I wish you a successful op and follow up treatment. {{{{hugs}}}}

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Anonymous said...

Thank you & big hugs to you CC!
Sue xxx