Saturday, 28 June 2008

Today's a big day!

(Thanks Scarlet for permission to use this photo)
Well, it started with my 4.50am alarm call to get up for the rush to buy Studio Calico add on's - they are soooooooooooooooooooo worth getting up for! (no connection - I just love their stuff) Yesterday I was umming and aahing about which add ons to get. This morning I went mad!!! I got London in the bag first as I really, really love that stamp! Then went back and got Stockholm, then had to decide between Venice and Tokyo and I plumped for Tokyo as it goes with my vintage advantage theme and I will be able to make loads for my shop with that! At the last minute I added extra paper!!! The exchange rate is so good at the moment!!! i could not help myself! I have worked hard all month to save for this and I did not go over my budget so I feel very happy! Will be a few weeks before they arrive but, something nice to look forward to! I also purchased a ribbon kit here this morning as I missed out last month - they sell like hot cakes! So, all in all not a bad start to the morning, went back to bed about 5.50 and got up at 8.15!
Today I have to split myself in two! It is my SIL's 50th birthday party and my sisters silver wedding party. Just got back from the hairdressers and going to my SIL this afternoon and my Sisters 'do' tonight! Will be ready for my bed tonight, but, lots of photo opportunities today!!! Made something for my SIL but can't share 'til tomorrow!
Only one piece of Ebay mail today, another pack of 1930's playing cards! No time to craft all weekend so I am frustrated craft wise!
Off to peg out the school uniform washing - bought some old fashioned 'dolly pegs' yesterday, cant wait to use them!!! Lol! Have a nice day!!!

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

looks like you had fun on reveal night! i'm curious what the exchange rate is; i know we are sinking...

i hope your new goodies arrive quickly!