Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tomorrow is the 25th!

Get your camera charged!!! Over on Shimelles blog there is a fact sheet to help you shoot your day! It will be the first time I have been at work so that will be interesting! And I have a visit to the dentist!!! And it's my turn to take to dance class so all those things are new for the album!!!!

Rosemary Merry is on QVC tomorrow I think, at 5pm, so there should be a few scrapbooking goodies to resist!!! I can't believe I was in the Range tonight, with a Cropadile big bite in my hand, and I resisted!!!!! I must be ill! Sue!!! Help!!!!!! Still managed to buy other goodies though!!!! Sssssssssssshhhhhh!)

Here's a little cooks scrap book I made using chipboard covers and book rings to bind it together. The pages are a mix of new and old and I have included a few tags and flaps for storage of magazine cuttings too.

I have even scanned some of my Great Aunt Gadd's recipes from the turn of the century!!! And included pages from vintage recipe books - a 1931 GEC electric cooker recipe book!!! And some adverts from the turn of the century! It's so cute all mixed together!! Very shabby chic! I have a busy day tomorrow. Three parcels to pick up from the post office, work in the morning and dentist in the afternoon. Off to finish another little project!!! TFLx

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Anonymous said...

Sue is in shock CC, but will let you off if you order at least 2 add-ons when they are released into the wild...he he!
Sue x