Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Why is it........

.....that everyone whispers to you when you have lost your voice??????!!!!!! It makes me laugh, people just can't help it, they talk slowly too, as a friend pointed out, but I had not noticed until she mentioned it!!!! Was sent home from work yesterday with no voice and it still has not returned. Got antibiotics until tomorrow and then will maybe have to go back to the doctors if I am still struggling! Lots to keep me busy anyway, including the ironing!!!!!! Did not get to it last week, so must do it or I can't wash this week!!!!! It's a rule I have, no more loads of washing until the ironing basket has been emptied!!!!!
Put finishing touches to a secret project last night with my SIL, over from Germany on holiday, will be able to share more later!!! Completed another paper bag book, using large paper bags and a couple of vintage nautical maps. It is bound together with

four book rings and trimmed with ribbon. The title is using a Chatterbox set of cardstock stickers - I love this font! Each page of the album is blank, ready for the owner to decorate with photo's and postcards of their holiday - keep having to think as in America that means Christmas so I have to say vacation!!!! It's like the spelling of the word colour, I had to spell color and it was hard to do!!!! This book is quite large but you could make one with any size paper bags, just check if you want them to be acid and Lignin free or not. I am not too bothered, but some people are. I don't want my work to last hundreds of years!!!!!

Think I should make one of these for my Venice photo's, which, incidentally, have still not been scrapped!!!! This old world feel would suit them perfectly.

Off to source more materials and hopefully complete a few more projects!!! TFLx

P.S. It is very quiet around here!!!!! It must be me who makes a lot of noise!!!!!!!

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