Saturday, 12 July 2008

A big day

Yesterday was a big day as my mum was having a heart operation, that turned out to be unsuccessful. Today I brought her home from hospital, settled her in and have also been to my annual staff BBQ this afternoon. No time for any craft projects, but I can tell you I have had a stash delivery or two!!! My missing parcel arrived, with some yummy 'dream street' papers in it from a craft sale, which will make some fab mini books! Also my Studio Calico kit came and it's all gorgeous!!! Plus several add ons of course! And a project kit, and extra paper!Can't wait to get time to use that!!! Set a mini challenge over on the do crafts forum, to complete their 'card project of the week' using only stash you already own!!! This was inspired by adding up the cost of the items needed to make the card and it came to £179!!! I know we all have some equipment and the project is for an experienced crafter, but I was still amazed at how easy it is to accumulate 'must have' items!!! Having set the challenge to complete this card, as I had not seen one like it before! I may now struggle to do it myself!!! Time! I need to order two extra boxes please!!!

Had three sales this morning in my Etsy shop, as I made some summer special reductions across the shop, so must get them wrapped and posted!!! Put my Nappy cake in my shop too as an example of what people can order, but it would be made to order in a colour of choice.

Baby Reha has arrived next door yesterday, so my pink nappy cake will be on its way round when she comes out of hospital next week! Really enjoyed making it!

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