Monday, 7 July 2008

Eyelets and gromlets!

The other day I got my Big Bite delivered with extra gromlets, today I had a delivery of big eyelets, that I have been waiting to come back in stock at QVC. They look great! What is the difference between a gromlet and an eyelet???

These are the large eyelets that arrived today. You have to punch a hole first and then set the eyelet. The gromlet does not require a hole first and is just set straight into the fabric or paper. The big bite came with gromlets, now I have both! I have already used the Big bite this morning, to make an extra hole in DS2 belt on his new school trousers, no problem at all! Check out the ideas in the We R Memory Keepers gallery, for how to use them! TFLx


Elaine said...

Hi there hope you can help. I have just been trying to use the big bite to do gromlets and they are not working. Can you help please?

I will read your answer to this comment on the web if that is ok.

Hope you can help.


cannycrafter said...

You need to check which way around the heads are in the Big Bite jaws. Check your instructions for the correct settings for Gromlets. Then place the gromlet face down on the base then your page face down on top of that then press. You just put them in a page without punching a hole remember! Hope that helps!