Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The final countdown!!!

.....to the school holidays next week! For me, I just have tomorrow morning and thta's my week finished, then I have Monday and Tuesday next week! Not had much time to craft this week, as there are a million and one jobs to do before the end of term!

Watched my niece graduate on the internet at tea time! What a wonderful idea! And congratulations to her!!!!

Hoping to do a bit of craft work in the next couple of days, although DS2 has his modern major exam tomorrow, so the afternoon is a bit of a write off!! Need to be thinking about making holiday lists really! And working out what needs to be washed and ironed before we go!

Managed to do my back in at tea time, just getting out of the office chair!! I have been struggling with a bad hip since the weekend, with a nerve nipping, but something just went!!! Hoping I can get out of bed in the morning!!
Posted a couple of items I sold in my shop, to America today. I need to make some more stock at some point! I like the idea that each item is a one off! It makes it more interesting for me!
Hopefully you can turn this, into this!
You just add photo's bits of journaling and some embellishments and you are good to go! A mini brag book for your handbag, about a great occasion!

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