Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I don't believe it!!

I have had a an email form Craft Obsessions, (no connection) to say a parcel had been returned to them, unclaimed from the sorting office!!!!! Me! unclaimed stash!!!! I cannot believe it! I have not had a red parcel card left from the Post office, to say I had a box outstanding!!!! How could I not miss stash I had ordered!!! I had to ask what it was I had outstanding!!!! Lol! I just don't know how it happened! I need a lie down! Anyway! Fortunately, it is been re-sent as we speak, so rest easy I have not missed out on a stash purchase!!! I think I need to take myself in hand if I am not keeping track of what I order, things are getting serious!!!
I was checking Kirsty Wiseman's blog out last night, as I often do, she has one cute little daughter and a cute teeny dog! She was saying she has a screen test for QVC as do-crafts are hoping to put a show on in September! Wow! That would have to be worth tuning in for! I just love Kirsty's work! I hope she gets passed!!! She always makes me smile!
I have, unsucessfully tried to locate the Creativity life magazine that has just come out! And apparently there is a goody box that goes with it, but not been able to locate either!!! Will have to try The Range tonight, as I have to go wait for DS2 to complete his dance class. He had a grade 5 tap exam on Saturday and now has a Grade 4 modern exam next week, so we are out of sync with classes and lifts, so i get to do 45mins regular retail therapy! Just have time to nip to the Range and do a trolley dash!! Lol!! See you later!

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