Friday, 4 July 2008

It came!!!!!

The Cropadile big bite came this morning, whilst I was out at the hairdressers getting my highlights done!!! Fortunately the decorator was here to take the parcel in, otherwise I would have been disappointed!!! He is painting the outside of the house, so lucky he was here!

It looks fab!! And, it came with loads of gromletts!!Including some designer gromletts! Have not thought of a project yet, but I'm sure I will! I needed the big bites reach last night!!! Working further into a page than the normal Cropadile could reach!

Have not unwrapped it all yet, but will have to go and have a play!!!

Completed a couple more projects for my shop and my Shimelle album for June, but will save those posts for later!

Frustration for DS1 yesterday, he has had his driving test postponed by the local driving test centre, due to 'unforseen circumstances!!!!' He was so disappointed!!! He really did want to have a chance and yet again, he has faced a setback!! Why is it always him? I can't answer that for him, but I have not seen him so dejected in a while! He has been working towards it and realises this might make him more employable, so yet again he has to overcome difficulties! The new test date is a month later! Been on the website, but no cancellations any sooner! Life! TFLx

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