Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Rudolph day!

I should be having a Rudolph day! I have seen my first adverts for christmas card making kits and I know a lot of sensible crafters have a Rudolph day once or twice a month, where they make a few cards for christmas rather than leaving them all tothe last minute, like I do!!!!
Just been for a long walk with Barney and it's hot, so I don't think it feels like a Rudolph day!!!
I have been checking a few sneak peeks of new lines due out at CHA in a few weeks time. Scenic Route have some new papers called surprise that look yummy here!!! And Cosmo Cricket are about to spill the beans here with their new range!!! Doesn't seem two minutes since the last CHA and now we are going to be talking another! Lot's of sneak peeks here too on Becks Fagg's blog, (Design Objectives)love the Tinkering Ink and My Yellow bycycle stuff!
So what shall I do today??? Having difficulties with Paypal at the moment, so my ebay buying has had to take a back seat and I have parents coming for the afternoon, so maybe I could go and scrap something quick? Watch this space, will be back later! In the meantime, enjoy your drooling over the new papers to be launched!!! TFLx
P.S. decided I did the right thing getting the big bite when I watched the video presentation last night!!
P.P.S. All the best to Sue today for her op!!!!
P.P.P.S Just walked with the husband of my friend who doed and he todl me all about the funeral service, he was thrilled I had published her story on here and thanked you all for your wishes and support to me!

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