Wednesday, 23 July 2008

That holiday feeling!

I don't know why, but i always sleep well the night I finish school, except apparently I was coughing all night, so, in desperation, hubby got up and got me the Covonia and woke me up to take some!!!! How nice of him!
Been out early this morning to get my nails painted ready for my hols and have a nice relaxing pedicure, except I chose the wrong colour and my beautician, fab that she is, insisted on taking it all off again and painting it with another colour!
Just been out into town to have a sandwich lunch with DS2 to celebrate his SATs result yesterday, weel, most of them, his science result is unfortunately caught up in the cock up of marking there has been this year! Bought some strawberries and cream for tea, as they are getting to the end of their season. Been and bought a third Cath Kidston bag from tesco, for my sister too! Called for Barney's tablets at the vets, he has Addisons Disease, and then went to the new baby shop in town to see if she is interested in stocking my nappy cakes. She was very receptive, so will go and see her when I am back from my hols. There will be a break in posts on here, whilst I take a family holiday. Last time we went, I tried to carry on posting, but it became a bind and when you are on holiday, its no fun searching for an internet cafe or trying to schedule posts before you go away to appear on certain dates, as I found typing lots of posts ahead of schedule very time consuming! Looking forward to having a holiday this time, as have not had to put Barney in kennels as there will be relatives living in the house while we are away! I am a big softie where he is concerned!!! I ususally cry on the way home from the kennels, so this will be much better. So, appologies in advance for the sparadic posts, dont think I wont be crafting, because I will and there are lots of crafty things to look forward too.

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