Saturday, 19 July 2008

Vintage scrapbook

I just love this little book I have made with my BIA and some mountboard covers, covered in K&Co Bailey papers. The pages are all different sizes and made up of vintage cookery book pages and pieces of old maps and some journaling postcard tags. I love the randomness of it. A friend of mine said I have a very unique style yesterday and I had not really thought about it!! It made me laugh! We went to the Range together for a bit of stash shopping and I still have not been able to find creativity life magazine anywhere!!! Do crafts, if you want us to buy them, you must make them more accessible!!! There is something wrong with the marketing if we all can't find one!

I struggle to get Scrapbook magazine, so I decided to take out a subscription and found one that gives me a free Crafters Companion ulitmate board! I'm not saying I need one, but I can always find a use for one! I have the enveloper and a scoreboard, but not a box making board so this could be useful! I liked the idea in the new Creativity mag I got yesterday, with Christmas things on the cover, that used a whole sheet of the new Papermania acetate to make a see through box!! GOING TO HAVE A GO AT THAT!

Today I have to clear the craft room to make way for the summer holiday packing! I have only just ventured out of bed with my bad back, so I will be in a directing capacity only!!!! I will be sat very still, even on painkillers I'm still in agony! I see a trip to the docs coming on or I wont be going away on holiday!!!

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about my Sailboat yesterday! It is very popular!!! May have to make more!!

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