Sunday, 10 August 2008


Here we are safe and sound, returned from our family holiday in Sorrento Italy, but as you can see, I am not a happy bunny as one of our cases failed to make the journey with us!!! Probably lurking anywhere between Napoli airport and here!!! I cannot tell you how unnerving it is to know that your belongings are swimming about somewhere out of my control and I have to say Manchester Aiprot, did not seem very bothered!!!! Oh, it will be on the next flight and it will be couriered to you in the next 24 hours!!! Let me tell you, 24 hours is up matey and we are contemplating having to go commando!!!! There is a distinct lack of underwear in this house as a result of this!!!! I keep hoping, especially as DS2 and I are off on our travels again early Tuesday morning! I have to contemplate a week at my sisters house with no shorts and t-shirts or swimwear!!! Not good when the temp is in the 30s!!!! Lets us all hope with sparkly vibes I can beam it back to safety from wherever it is!!! I was not the only one, by the way, I feel sorry for the other families too, some of which lost all their luggage! I got two out of three back! Here's hoping! Off to cook sunday lunch for the family, as parents are coming. Have lots to tell, but will try to get back on ASAP!

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