Monday, 11 August 2008

The case is closed!

Well actually it isn't it is open because I am washing everything that has finally returned to base! Can you believe it!!!!? My case arrived at about half four, so I have a very short time to turn things around, before I head off to the french antique markets for a week!!!! I will be burning the midnight oil gettting everything washed and pressed, maybe not a bad thing, as I need to set off at 2am!!!!! Hubby is very jealous!!! He would like to come too, but I have told him, this is a business trip! Ds2 is just along for the ride!!! I have to get my business head on, before I tackle the markets!!

Just preparing a salad for tea, as suprisingly, there was a distinct lack of fruit and veg in Italy!!! I feel the need to gorge on lettuce and fresh crunchy greens!

So, what was the previous post all about????? Well, I got back from holiday, to find I have been selected as one of twelve contestants, for the scrapbook apprentice competition from design objectives!!!! How cool is taht??? I am so excited!!!! You had to submit four pieces of work and a 150 words about why you would like to be hired for the 12 month contract!!! I had almost forgotten I enetered, it was such a while ago!! Anyway, there was the email, along with 94 others!!!!, stating I had been chosen as one of twelve!! The competition details are here, but basically you will have to complete tasks and then you will get voted off (not sure how often yet) until the winner gets the coveted 12 month contract as a design apprentice!!!! I can't wait! I will give it my best shot, and just hope people like what I do!!! Watch this space for more details!!! Not sure how many entries they has!!! Keep telling myself there were probably only twelve!!! Lol!!!

If you want to follow the competition, it is in the new Creativity Life Magazine, and one of the design team is Kirsty Wiseman, who's talent I have worshipped from afar for ages!!! I cannot believe it! I love to follow here blog and keep up to date with her everyday chat! Also Becks Fagg, the editor, who has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all the new trends!!! (of Scrapgenie fame!)

Anyway, I digress, as usual. I step on the plane tonight with a song in my heart and a new found resolution to succeed in this fabulous world of printed papers!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey well done on the DO aprenticeship!
So glad your sandalised shoes and felt thickers turned up - bet you were relieved!Jackie(worcs) :-D

Debsg said...

Good luck. I shall look out for your contributions. Deb x

Anonymous said...

fantastic news CC im sure you will do very well your very talented.

goodluck and i will be following your progress keep us informed.

jenni x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for being chosen as a DC apprentice, cannot wit to see your ideas.

Also pleased you got your case back and you've had a fab 2 holidays, lol.

Maria (bubbles)

CoventryAnn said...

Well done you!!!! It's nice to 'know' someone who has been shortlisted!