Sunday, 10 August 2008

Here I am again!

Wow! What a hectic day! That's sunday lunch for nine just completed and the family off on their merry way. I know what you all are dying to know, has the case turned up?!!!! And the answer is

NO! The answer is a lemon!!!!
I am going into a mild panic now, bordering on hysteria, as I need my clothes!!!! I am going off early tuesday morning to stay with my sister in the South of France, to do their local antiques market for the week!!! Lots of goodies and inspiration there I hope! So far, I have the top half of a black bikini and the bottom half of a navy blue floral bikini , no shorts, and no decent t-shirts!!! Please send me sparkly vibes and here's hoping they arrive tomorrow! Going to do a tesco emergency undies shop tomorrow just in case! At least the holiday snaps should look interesting! Having booked a suitcase on Ryanair at some mega cost, I now find it may be empty on the way out! Gives me an excuse to shop to fill it for the return journey!!! Hope you like my first few snaps of Italy! Here are a few more!


Anonymous said...

Sparkly vibes in abundance...hoping your undies show up!!!
Sue x

Rita said...

Good luck with getting your suitcase back! What a nightmare! Beautiful pics!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

sorry about your suitcase...but that trip might just have been worth it; the pics are amazing!!!