Monday, 25 August 2008

I dare not admit it.....

but I've been away again!!! This time to Scotland, to catch up with our old neighbours from North Yorkshire who moved back home , north of the border. We always take Barney for his 'wee Scottish Break', so packing is always an art!!!! Trying to get clothes for four, lilo's pillows, sleeping bags for the boys and golf clubs + a little space for 'wee Barney' is always a trying time!!! But, somehow we seem to manage it and bring back more than we came with!!!! We always manage to fit in a few retail trips, including lots of must haves from IKEA (A SERIOUS DAY OUT TRIP DOWN HERE!!!!)

My haul for the weekend included a 'bargainous' winter white short jacket from the Next clearance shop and some Per Una shoes £19 in the sale! The must haves from IKEA included some new storage bits and pieces as I am about to embark on altering a pine bookcase given to me by a neighbour. I got a couple of storage boxes, two jars and two acrylic drawers from the kitchen section, plus my usual wrapping paper and string necessities. A new muffin pan so I can make the best ever Yorkshire puddings again and some bleached Calico fabric and thread! Just as well space was at a premium or who knows what I might have squeezed in!!! I'm not sure I'm feeling the necessity of the golf clubs in the packing, but heigh, ho if it gives me an extra days browsing, who cares!!! Two days eating from "Your M&S" and drinking plenty, have not helped the diet emergency.

Right, admission number one! I forgot to scrap my day!!!!! Having spent most of it in the car between Scotland and Yorkshire, maybe this is not a bad thing!!! There are only so many photo's you can take of a glove compartment!!!! So I will have to take my photo's tomorrow!!!!

Who know's anyway!!!! (Just all of you!!!) I have not scrapped last months yet!

Got some crafty bargains with free P&P from Craft U Love on the way- more punches!!! I have a puch addiction at the moment and just never quite seem to have the right one!!! Got a Threading Water punch on pre order from them too!!! Have been waiting ages for this to get here from the states!!!

Managed to ignore QVC craft day today, saving my money for the Cosmo Cricket TSV at the end of the month, remeber this one?????? Hoping it is this on Sept 30th! Talking ofcheck out their new Christmas line, available shortly, it looks fab!!! It's called 'Oh Joy!' and it look a joy! Can't wait to get my hands on that one! My Cosmo set from QVC arrived just before I went away, called Be Good and I have to say I was a bit disappointed that there were only six sheets of paper in it! It is mostly chipboard and Die cuts! I have some ideas for them, but it would be a lot if I was not planning to create for my Etsy shop!

Sanded down the bookcase since I got home and OH is out in the garage undercoating it for me! Got a jobs list as long as my arm again! Need to put DS1's moped advert together, as he is selling it now he has passed his test and I need to process the washing and ironing. parents will be around for tea tomorrow, as it is Tuesday! And do an online shop! And sell some of DS2's clothes on ebay, and craft some more with my goodies from France.......and.......and.......

If you are collecting the Cath Kidston Eco Bags from Tesco, I managed to get the striped one last week before I went away! I just love them and 50p goes to marie Curie Cancer too! Got to be great!

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CoventryAnn said...

Really hope the CC kit is the TSV, esp after yesterdays disappointing offerings on QVC!