Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The joys of teenage life!!

There aren't many! (Acne, teenage angst, exam results, teacher induced stress, lack of confidence!!) But this is one of them!!!! Having passed his driving test last week (he has been driving one whole week he keeps reminding me!!!) We are now going to try and sell the bike!!

As a mother of a Dyspraxic child, let me tell you, nothing is impossible! It just takes a little longer!!! Despite my mothers reservation about a two wheeled vehicle at the time, I am convinced this little baby was the key to the whole driving thing! It gave him a whole year to get used to road traffic and judgement of speed etc, so that when he sat in a car all he had to learn was the controls. I am not saying it will work for everyone, but it worked for him. Not withstanding he had to have extra tuition on the motorcycle training, where everyone else did it in a day he took two, the theory test took two attempts and the driving lessons weekly for 8 months have run into thousands of pounds, but no one could have been more proud last Monday than me!!!! His confidence has risen and I have no worries that he is not in control - you should hear him telling me how to drive now!!!! (One of the down sides to having been a driver for years and years - the habits you fall into and the rules they change!!!!) So, to all mum's out there who think he wont!!! Lets say, he might!!!!!! Off to put the bike in the Post Office window and let's hope that it does the trick for someone else as we certainly owe it a lot!!!

P.S. Pass plus starts on saturday - more expense!!! But reduces the insurance costs!!!

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