Friday, 29 August 2008

QVC Stash Emergency!

Oh woe is me, I just logged on,
To watch QVC, Anna Griffin is on!
I must not spend, I know I am skint!
I'll just get ideas, or so I think!!!
I must be strong, I will hold out!
But not for long! I scream and shout....
"I need that kit!!!" "It wont be back!"
he says as I have a panic attack!!!!
I've wanted those fabrics for months and years,
I'm feeling very close to tears!
They go in my basket, in case they sell out!
I'll remove them later, without a doubt!
So, I sit and I watch and more and more,
Gets put in the basket, 'just to be sure!'
Those 'essential' ribbons, a stamp set, a few,
Maybe I COULD afford an item or two???
I've got it right down to the Christmas kit!
If hubby finds out, he'll have a fit!!
And just for good measure as nobody watches,
I decide to keep in the fabric swatches!
I pay for those squares from my bank account,
It's a steal as P&P wont inflate the amount!
I've not known free P&P before!
It'd be rude not to! That's for sure!
So, the Christmas kit's tempting,
Or should I wait??
Then I have inspiration...
It's my credit card date!!!
If I pay with that card,
It's on next month's bill
and I've time to save up...
I'm sure that I will!
So, don't let your shopping, be so frustrative!
Just make sure your accounting is very creative!!!!

Phew! Job done! Relax!

Note to self- do not watch again at 11pm!

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Debsg said...

Fab poem and, yes, we've all been there! Deb x