Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Suitcase separation trauma

I invented a new illness - suitcase separation trauma!!! When we flew into Nimes airport I said to my niece, who flew with us, 'if my case does not appear, be prepared for me to lie down next to this conveyor belt, with my legs kicking and screaming!!!' Whereupon she placed herself a safe distance away and pretended she didn't know me!!! Anyway, I feel I am finally getting over this well known condition, but it made me realise how naieve I was to expect when I packed it, all would arrive safely! So, with that in mind, when I packed for my return this time, I was very uncertain which of my crafting goodies I had purchased at the Brocante market, to place in which suitcase!!!!
Goodies I bought included;
Antique buttons on superb old cards
30 metres of antique lace
antique pharmacy labels
porcelain drawer knobs
1950's apron pattern
1901 handicrafts magazine
1920's piano music
1920's bingo cards
linen tea towels
linen string
antique jam jar
slate vegetable labels
wire basket
and many more goodies too numerous to mentio and I wish not to as my OH sometimes reads this blog and is still not exactly sure how much it all cost! Ca ne fait rien!!! I had a great time looking for all these vintage goodies and have made three mini albums today already!

I have been busying myself reading too! I bought several French craft magazines and have read them from cover to cover. Fortunately, my french is up to scratch, lagacy of being brought up with french teachers!!!! so I was able to make sense of it all only resorting to asking my sister two or three words, at least that's my story!!! My niece was there too and has just completed her French and Spanish degree, so there were several linguists to hand!

Will have to wait until tomorrow to photograph my first mini albums de France, as it is very dark here now! Raining again!!!!!

I will leave you with a couple of holiday snaps from my sejour!! TFLx

P.S. Gained another half stone on the pain au chocolat & french bread, so the diet has gone from must, to URGENT!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at all that gorgeous french food is making my tummy rumble!Jackie worcs :-)